Sunday, February 12, 2012

New Release: Blood Moon

I've been waiting so long for this one, but it's finally published and available to download. The print version will be available in the not too distant future.

Anyway, there's the details on this piece of Gothic Urban Fantasy.

Marked and prophesized to be the demon prince reborn, Blaze Makaresh, an impulsive loner, is on the run from the youkai, demons who wish to claim him, and the Talon, their ruthless hunters. Only one person is prepared to help keep him alive and sane--Asha Lemarche, a cold and lovely ex-demon hunter with an addition to Blood Rain, a demon derived drug that heightens sexual pleasure. Blaze has until the Blood Moon rises to thwart his enemies, or risk the subjugation of the entire human race, but at what cost to himself and those closest to him?


Determined to keep Blaze human, but hooked on the taste of him, Asha is forced to reasses her position when their human foes outnumber their demons ones tenfold and the only safe haven lies on the other side of the Division Bridge in the demon realm.


Asha's life is on the line, but the fierce sexual attraction that binds her to Blaze may prove to be the riskiest part of all,leading to a transformation none of them predicted.

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Sneaky Peak Inside

This is an excerpt from a little way into the book. Blaze has stumbled upon an injured "man" in an unlikely location. 

Groggy and photosensitive, Raven Idriss tentatively opened his left eye. Hell knows where he was, and whatever he was lying on was so cold his knackers were in danger of freezing. For a moment, his vision swam. Then a jarringly familiar face moved into his field of vision. Blond hair, those molten expressive eyes, a smile that could reduce even the most sexually inured to orgasm. He'd been saved.


He tried to rise, only for his muscles to protest and his saviour to gently push him back down again. "You're hurt. Lie still a moment. The bindweed's made a complete mess of your arms and trunk."

Raven relaxed, surprised by how comforting he found his saviour's touch. Chipped, black-painted fingernails pressed to his brow. He half-heartedly shook his head. How many times now had he woken to this vision? His dehydrated brain was playing tricks again. He blinked again; trying to clear the film from his eye, under no doubt that he was still incarcerated in the Hall of Ancients. When blinking didn't help, he tried raising an arm. Fiery streamers of pain tore through the muscles, forcing him to relax.

The smiling vision leant over him again, closer this time, as if examining him. "I'm Blaze, by the way," it said. "You're Raven, right?"

Dreaming. Definitely, one hundred percent dreaming. No doubt about it.

"Is your other eye okay? Can't you open it?"

His right eye had never been okay, at least not in a normal vision, increased depth perception kind of way. Still, he supposed it wouldn't hurt to see what it made of this phantasm. He fluttered the lid a few times, before fully opening the eye and letting the rose-coloured tint it gave everything settle over his environs. For once, Blaze didn't blink out of existence.

Shit! He sat bolt upright. Never mind the pain, or the fact that his heart was racing as though the Ghost Wind was at his back.

"Hey, you've different coloured eyes." Blaze leaned in far too close and squinted as if trying to properly assess the colour.

Normally, Raven would have growled over the invasion of his space. He didn't care for intrusive souls, but this wasn't a normal situation, far from it. "Yeah," he replied. There wasn't really a lot else to say. "One grey and one amethyst. And yours are copper."

Blaze jerked away from him so fast one would think he'd been scalded. He glared; perfect Cupid's bow lips pursed in outrage. Fear shone in the inky depths of those copper-coloured eyes. "They're blue. My eyes are blue, not copper-coloured."

Raven looked at him again. Were they blue? He tried closing his right eye. Blaze's irises still glowed like molten copper, forming two of the most beautiful eyes he'd ever seen. "My mistake," he apologised. "It must be the light."

Lie accepted. Blaze's shoulders slumped. He took a tentative step forward again, so that he stood level with the foot of the sarcophagus on which Raven was perched. "Guess you're still a bit muddled. Must have been down here a while, eh?"

Raven eased himself into a more comfortable sitting position, and took stock of his surroundings. Fuck, if he wasn't still stuck in this arsehole of a tomb. As far as punishments went, this one sucked big time. Question was, had Blaze come to break him out, or was his time up? Nar, couldn't be, else the twins would have come for him.

Of course, Blaze being here, meant things were afoot. "Yes, a while," he agreed.

Environs assessed, he turned his attention to his protesting body. His arms were a mess of puncture wounds and deep scratches that itched liked hell, and his chest wasn't much better. A pot of bilious green ointment sat balanced upon his thigh, alongside the remains of his shirt. He poked a finger into the pot then brought it to his nose and sniffed dubiously. Smelled like day old fish that someone had tried to mask the scent of with pine fragranced air freshener. Worse still, the stuff was smeared all over him.

"You were lucky we found you," Blaze said.

As there was no discernible "we" about based on a quick scan, he assumed Blaze's companions were outside.

"How'd you get in here?"

Raven slid off the tomb and onto his feet. First opportunity and he was getting himself a shower. A nice long, hot, steam-curling, soul-warming shower, but first he needed to do something about these wounds.

 "I'm not really sure," he replied, feeding Blaze yet another lie, not wanting to get into the whys and wherefores of his punishment until he knew exactly what was what with the world.

He stretched his arms above his head, attempting to ease out some of the niggling aches, only for pain to tear through his right bicep. His arms dropped like a stack of overbalanced logs. Tentatively, he reached across and squeezed the muscle. There had to be a thorn still in there, and by the feel of it, wedged pretty deep.

"Here, let me help." A strong hand curled around his arm. Blaze eyed the wound carefully. "I can just see the tip of it." He scratched at the thorn with his fingernails. "It's coming. Keep still. Ah, there… nearly… Yes, got it." Blaze held up the inch long barb, which curved like a sabre-tooth and was sharp enough to cut through rhino hide.

A thick rivulet of blood ran down Raven's arm. He grabbed the remains of his shirt and pressed it to the wound. He looked like a man who'd been locked in an iron maiden for a fortnight. The reality was, that might have been preferable.

Blaze continued to peer at him as though he had two heads.

"Something up?"

"Déjà vu." Blaze shook his head. "Weird." He dropped the tooth-like barb, tried to catch it, and managed to slice open his index finger. Blood immediately pooled in the cut.

Raven reached out to him, meaning only to apply pressure to the wound, but somehow ended up with Blaze's finger in his mouth. Ah, bliss… the scent of him, the taste of his blood, intoxicating, overwhelming. A few drops and desire plumped his loins. There was no mistaking his liege. His blood roiled with potency, fire flowed through his veins, and infected Raven's senses. The blood in his stomach writhed like tumbling smoke curls, and he sucked harder, wanting, needing more.

His wounds began to knit, slowly at first, and then more noticeably as new skin stretched over the old.

Blaze snatched his hand away, and wrapped his bloodied fingers in the hem of his T-shirt. "What are you doing?"

Still high on the taste of him, Raven leaned forward. He wanted nothing more than to grab his sovereign and deep kiss him in the traditional youkai way, but a single pace in his direction sent Blaze scuttling backwards among the tombs. Fear made the coppery hue of his eyes burn brighter.

"What are you? Who are you?" he demanded.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to alarm you." Raven reached out a hand, but Blaze continued to back up.

"You've healed," he said, biting his lips.

The last of the wounds in Raven's arms closed. "Ah, yes," he remarked. "So I have."


Saskia Walker said...

Ooh, putting this on my list right now. I've been looking forward to this one immensely. Many congratulations on publication! :)

Madelynne Ellis said...

Thanks, Saskia. I hope you enjoy it.