Monday, March 26, 2012

Making Mischief

Tomorrow is the official launch of new HarperCollins imprint Mischief Books ( Please stop by and take a look around. I've already treated myself to offerings by Janine Ashbless, Charlotte Stein and Justine Elyot.

It also means I get to reveal the lovely new cover for my April Release Anything But Vanilla. I do really like this picture. It somehow manages to be a bit James Bond and bit arty, while also implying that they're up to no good. Additionally, it makes a fair representation of Kara and Zach, two of the three main players.

Rather than just present you with the blurb (see below) I thought I'd share a few facts about the writing experience that was Anything But Vanilla.

1. I had a really tight deadline for this book, which meant I had to quit procrastinating and actually write 2K words a day.

2. It's pretty darn kinky, even for me. Which left me shaking my head over some of the things I'd included in the synopsis. For instance, why did I think a scene involving an "oar" and a "spanking" would be a good idea? As it turns out, it was... but I did question myself over that one.

3. I got to write loads of m/m bits without that being the main emphasis of the story.

4. The title not only refers to the saucy antics of the characters but the fact that Zach Blackwater is an ice-cream van salesman.

5. Liddell Island is based on a combination of Fort Clonque off Alderney and St Micheal's Mount. I don't think either of those locations have earned the epitaph of Nookie Island.

6.Ric is actually short of Alaric. I really wanted (and he insisted) that he had a really old-fashioned name. It rather fits in with his feudal heritage.

7. The first version of the cover (yes, books sometimes go through several versions) was seriously scorcho, and deemed too lewd. I actually prefer the final version, even though it only shows two of the characters. I'd already told my editor that I wanted to write a story for this image before they decided to use it.
8. I've a little twinkling of an idea forming for a novella also set on Liddell Island, this time featuring one of Ric's cousins (watch this space).

Kara North is on the run. Fleeing from her controlling fiancĂ© and a wedding she never wanted, she accepts the chance offer of refuge on wild, rocky Liddell Island, where she soon catches the eye of the island’s owner, erotic photographer Ric Liddell. Wickedly sexy by day and just plain wicked by night, Ric rules his domain like a feudal lord. He’s used to getting what he wants, without any commitment, and just when Kara thinks she has him hooked, he hides behind a cool, dispassionate mask.

But pleasure comes in more than one flavour when Zachary Blackwater, the charming ice-cream vendor also takes an interest, and wants more than just a tumble in the surf. Zach offers her warmth that she never felt from her ex, and soon it’s not just the ice cream that’s melting.

When Kara learns that the two men have been unlikely lovers for years, she becomes obsessed with the idea of a threesome. Zach is reluctant, until he sees the dynamic effect Kara has on Ric’s emotions. She might be the key to finally capturing Ric’s heart.

Soon Kara is wondering how she ever considered binding herself to just one man. She’s never had so much fun or felt so uninhibited, but just when everything seems so perfect, the man she left behind returns with some very old-fashioned ideas about rescuing her and taking her home to his own idea of wedded bliss.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Serial: Lord Merville's Whore Part 4

Here's part 4 of Lord Merville's Whore. Some of you may have noticed the lack of post last Sunday. My only excuse was that it was Mother's Day here in the UK, and I was enjoying a day of being "pampered". Anyway, here is this week's offering, in which Thea becomes embroiled in a whole heap of trouble.

Lord Merville's Whore
Part 4
Copyright 2012. Madelynne Ellis. All Rights Reserved.

Indeed, the roads were not safe for woman, man or beast, riddled as they were with potholes and churned with mud and vast lake-like puddles. The drizzle stopped, and a silvered moon bled light onto the moor land tracks. Having failed to secure Pounder’s help, she had few options. Likely, Richard still remained at Frosterley, and the gaol house was unlikely to admit her after dark. Perhaps the Bishop’s Head on the post road would provide a room.

Luckily, Bessie knew the way. She’d made the trek many times in brighter weather. They trotted along the old Roman road, which dipped into the edge of the woodland. Ahead, a light flashed, which she took for the lanterns of the inn, though time seemed so stretched in the dark she wasn’t certain she’d come far enough to see it so close. In the coppice, the light blinked out altogether, and she had to feel her way slowly, the branches overlapping the path. Emerging upon the other side, into a valley of ferns she forded a narrow stream, and realized she had come adrift of the post road and had somehow turned off west so that a rock face loomed to her right. Ahead, beyond the fern banks, if memory served her correct, lay a squat row of abandoned workmen’s cottages, where she’d perhaps find shelter.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Coffee Table Edition

I've been busy with edits for Capturing Cora and Sharing Adam recently. Still further edits to go on the latter, but Capturing Cora is now just waiting on its cover. I'm waiting in feverish anticipation on that one, because it will hopefully set the tone for the whole Romps & Rakehells series.

I'm also awaiting the final cover for Anything But Vanilla. The original cover was judged too pornographic by the powers that be. Since if featured three naked people sandwiched together, they may have a point :) Anyway, I love the image they're planning to use for the new version, so fingers crossed that'll look amazing.

In between cover dramas and edits, the proofs for the print edition of Blood Moon arrived. They look fantastic. There's only one teeny tiny (actually not so tiny) problem with them as is apparent in the photograph below if you compare the size with the trade version of Phantasmagoria . Yup, they're the size of a coffee table. Somewhere along the line centimeters apparently became inches.

Obviously, they're hopelessly impractical as a finished product. They're text book sized. But, I do love them for their novelty. Needless to say, I've been busy correcting the sizing issues, so that hopefully the next set of proofs to arrive are trade paperback sized and not designed for 12ft aliens to read.

In other news. The Mischief launch is just around the corner. The site is already live at and the imprint (which is part of Avon) has already been mentioned in amongst other places, the Wall Street Journal, the BBC, & the Bookseller. The official launch date is Monday  26th March, although Anything But Vanilla would be out until the following week. I've already been asked to provide snippets for audio recordings, so hopefully I'll have links for those soon too.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Serial:Lord Merville's Whore Part 3

Lord Merville's Whore: Chapter Three
Madelynne Ellis
All Rights Reserved.

Tight, sickening pains cramped Thea’s stomach as she slipped from beneath the eiderdown. Richard lay sated in quiet repose, his white toes peeking from the covers. She had to leave before he woke. Before his caresses coaxed her back beneath the covers and spurred her further descent into hell. No, she’d made her choice when she’d sworn to be a loyal and obedient wife. It was her duty to see Phillip freed.

Besides, she couldn’t trust Richard. He’d always been changeable and no doubt he’d grow bored of her. She wouldn’t demean herself by becoming his whore. At least as Phillip’s wife she held some measure of respect.

Hastily, she threw some possessions into a sack. It was for the best. She’d deny anything had ever taken place, forget the pleasure. Life with Phillip wasn’t so bad that she’d abandon him at the first sign of trouble.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Sunday Serial: Lord Merville's Whore Part 2

Lord Merville's Whore: Chapter Two
Madelynne Ellis
All Rights Reserved.

“What do you want with me?”

The click of the key turning the latch raised further nervous heart palpitations, and made her spin towards him. Richard didn’t respond until he’d stripped the kid gloves from his hands.
“Surely, better my company than that of the mob.”

“At least I know where I stand with them.”

“With Stark?  I’m afraid Edmund is still rather uncouth, despite his glossy coat. I’m told he’s much in favor of the scold’s bridle. Imagine the taste of the metal between your teeth, and suddenly, I’m not such a bad option after all.”

She shuddered, envisaging the bars of the cage about her head, and yet, her fears over what the mob intended for her collapsed like the ash in the fire as she gazed at Richard, leaving behind a sooty stain, like the mark he’d left on her psyche. The coppery taste of blood flooded her mouth as she nicked her lip with her tooth. Thea sucked upon the tiny wound. Admittedly, Richard wouldn’t bring her physical harm, but then, he didn’t need to. His presence caused pain enough in her chest. Pain she continually failed to disconnect herself from. “Why are you here?”  With Phillip gone, there was no need for him to come to assert his ownership, which meant he’d come for no other reason than to torture her.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Blood Moon: Free on Kindle 1st-2nd March

To celebrate World Book Day I'm making Blood Moon free on Kindle. Hope over to Amazon to download it.  |