Saturday, March 17, 2012

Coffee Table Edition

I've been busy with edits for Capturing Cora and Sharing Adam recently. Still further edits to go on the latter, but Capturing Cora is now just waiting on its cover. I'm waiting in feverish anticipation on that one, because it will hopefully set the tone for the whole Romps & Rakehells series.

I'm also awaiting the final cover for Anything But Vanilla. The original cover was judged too pornographic by the powers that be. Since if featured three naked people sandwiched together, they may have a point :) Anyway, I love the image they're planning to use for the new version, so fingers crossed that'll look amazing.

In between cover dramas and edits, the proofs for the print edition of Blood Moon arrived. They look fantastic. There's only one teeny tiny (actually not so tiny) problem with them as is apparent in the photograph below if you compare the size with the trade version of Phantasmagoria . Yup, they're the size of a coffee table. Somewhere along the line centimeters apparently became inches.

Obviously, they're hopelessly impractical as a finished product. They're text book sized. But, I do love them for their novelty. Needless to say, I've been busy correcting the sizing issues, so that hopefully the next set of proofs to arrive are trade paperback sized and not designed for 12ft aliens to read.

In other news. The Mischief launch is just around the corner. The site is already live at and the imprint (which is part of Avon) has already been mentioned in amongst other places, the Wall Street Journal, the BBC, & the Bookseller. The official launch date is Monday  26th March, although Anything But Vanilla would be out until the following week. I've already been asked to provide snippets for audio recordings, so hopefully I'll have links for those soon too.

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