Tuesday, May 08, 2012

New Release & Menage Special Offer

To celebrate the release of the All Together Now anthology, Total-E-Bound are having a special promotion. 25% off all menage books between 7th-13th May.

Of course, while all these books are wonderful, I'd still like to you check out my novella in All Together Now. Sharing Adam is about a married couple who spice up their sex life by inviting a wickedly intriguing man from the husband's past into their life.

Whoever thought infidelity could be this hot? Becca Caine had no idea until she caught her husband enjoying an erotic clinch with another man.

When Becca Caine happens upon her husband, Elliot, enjoying an erotic clinch with a darkly attractive man named Adam, she’s both hurt by his infidelity and left uncomfortably aroused. However, the more she learns about her husband’s homoerotic past encounters, the more desirous she becomes to see the two men make love. 

Despite the risk to their marriage, Becca persuades Elliot to arrange such a tryst with Adam. Seeing them make out may well be the hottest thing she’s ever seen, but what happens when Adam discovers her and invites her to join in? Can Becca truly share her husband with another man? Is Elliot prepared to share his wife? Are either of them really prepared to share Adam?
Available from Total-E-Bound.

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