Sunday, August 19, 2012

So much for my plans...

It's been an odd week. Only one kiddie around for most of it. The other one was visiting grandma. I spent the early part of the week writing like crazy, and then I've spent the latter half... ahem... sorting out Lego. Two days of identifying miniscule coloured bricks and bagging them up so that my son has even a remote chance of making the items they're supposed to be. I have chronic heartburn as a result, due to leaning over too much.

There have been some writing  developments too, necessitating more project jiggling. Mischief have offered contracts for a short story, the Secret Project book and another novel. They're also interested in a follow up to Anything But Vanilla. Hence I need to get to work on those pronto.

That said, I refuse to give up on Vaughan, Bella and Lucerne. I'm just too excited by the idea. Therefore, since I have some flexibility regarding deadlines, I'm determined to work on this book alongside my other commitments. To keep me on track, I'm also going to attempt to blog more often about my progress.

Consider this a starting point.

TSK: Vaughan & Bella are currently making a carriage journey.

All Comers: I think/pray/hope I have the sequence and scenes very roughly mapped out now, all except the opening, which is still giving me hell. However, the penultimate chapter is completely written. How's that for doing things out of sequence?

Foursome: Again, I'm pretty sure I know where this is going, so hopefully it won't be to difficult to proceed. I'm not planning on doing much on this until All Comers is finished.

I also have a couple of short stories I'd like to write, with up coming deadlines, and I had a fab idea for a series of novellas the other day that I'd like to develop.

Wish me luck...

Haven't done this for ages.
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