Monday, December 10, 2012

December Update

Yes, it's time for another 'where I'm at post'. Last Monday, I finally completed and sent Greedy Girl off to my editor. It's been a tough book to write, but I hope those struggles paid off in the end. I certainly think rewriting the whole thing in first person made a difference, but I'm still waiting to hear from my editor regarding his thoughts. Fingers crossed there aren't too many revisions on the horizon.

Meanwhile, the current workload looks something like this:

1. Proposal for m/f contemporary series due with editor ASAP. Ideally, I need to get this in before Xmas. If approved, this will then be the number one priority.
2. Foursome. Main priority if #1 doesn't happen.
3. Romps & Rakehells #4. I meant to have finished this by now, but I haven't even started it.
4. TSK (the further adventures of Bella, Vaughan and Lucerne). I wish, wish, wish I had time to work on this, I really do. Next May sees the 10th Anniversary of A Gentleman's Wager, it'd be nice to see the final part of the story out in time for that, but considering my other commitments, I just can't see it happening (sob).
5. Lordly short. (By March at the latest).
6+ I'm not even listing them, because the list is so long it'll probably induce a panic.

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