Monday, December 17, 2012


2012 has been a particularly tough year for me writing wise. As I've mentioned before, I've struggled all year with motivation and plain old getting the words down on the page. The last book nearly killed me (cringe) and I'm still waiting to hear if I'll need to revisit it (double cringe).  Due to that experience, I was all set to give myself a short break and then start another battle with the next book on the schedule, so it's been something of a surprise to find that the process isn't nearly so painful.

Okay, so I'm committing some pretty big sins at the moment (not writing what I should be writing, and writing what I feel like writing instead), but the scenes are coming thick and fast, and if the prose is mostly snippets of dialogue and colourful adjectives that barely form coherent sentences, so what. They're words, right? I'm not forcing myself to write an outline or a synopsis. I haven't tried to summarize the book in a single paragraph (all things I have to do if I want to sell on proposal), I'm totally winging this one. At some point, I'll have to batter it into proper shape, but by then I think I'll know where I'm going and it won't be so hard. It'll be like editing (I used to love editing ie spending ages tweaking things into perfection).

So, what is it I'm so full of, that I'm back to writing on napkins and scrawling tons of hand written notes? Well, I'll give you a clue. It features a V and a B and an L. Maybe a certain 10th anniversary looming on the horizon is what's spurring me on. Wouldn't it be fab if it was done in time? (That's dreaming, right?) But know, that it is being written. I know what happens, and how it end. Not the very last sentence, but the bigger picture.

Of course, at some point I'm really going to have to get on with the stuff I'm being paid to write, but for Christmas I'm giving myself the chance to wallow in something I love. Here's hoping something good comes out of it.

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