Friday, December 14, 2012

Productive Escapsim

It's bloody freezing today, which makes it particularly hard to concentrate on working. It's hard to type when your fingers are like icicles. Not that I'm concentrating on what I should be focused on. I ought to be working on the next contemporary, but I'll be honest and say I've no appetite for it at the moment. After the rush to get the previous contemporary finished, and the shock of some pretty rotten news yesterday, I'd much rather push the real world to the back of my mind and wallow someplace fun instead. Don't worry, I'll fulfill my obligations and maybe get an addition project completed too. Let's call what I'm concentrating on at the moment, productive escapism.

And I'm excited about it. I want to write, which is very different to writing because I have to in order to finish something that's promised. I'm not even going to drop hints about what it might be that's got me so quite so tingly. I'm frightened if I say too much (anything) the magic will fade. :)

I have spent the morning going back through old notebooks. It's been interesting to see how my writing process has changed over time. I can't believe how many whole scenes I've come across that I'd written long-hand. I only write long-hand now if I absolutely have to, and then my handwriting is frequently so indecipherable the notes are nearly useless.

Right now - back to work. Don't forget the Days of SeXmas giveaways are still going on over at Total E Bound. Click on the previous post for details.

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