Friday, November 29, 2013

November Update

The last few weeks have been filled with appointments, which generally results in less writing being done. Therefore, I'm rather pleased with myself, because I've managed to stay pretty much on target. Of course, that still means I've oodles to do and not enough time to do it. I wish I was one of those writers capable of producing a book a month, but I'm not, so I'll just have to plod along at the pace I can manage.

2014 is shaping up to be extremely busy. It currently looks something like this:

All Night Long (Ash & Ginny #1) , which takes place at the same time as the start of Come Undone and explores what Ginny got up to with the other members of Black Halo, while Xane was seducing Dani. It's a lot of fun, and I'm enjoying playing with these characters and learning all their quirks. It's due to the publisher in January.

Come Together (Rock Hard #2) the second part of Dani and Xane's story, is next in line. The deadline is likely to be around Easter time. I'm already work on this concurrently with All Night Long, since the two story feature many of the same characters. Black Halo are going on tour. (Hope that's not too much of a spoiler.)

Then heading into the second half of the year, I'll be working on All Fired Up, Ash & Ginny's second outing; delving into the AGW3,  and working on Foursome completed for November. That amounts to rather a lot of word to produce at my rather slow pace. Oh, and there's the Ghosts of Christmas Past, in time for next December, as I know it's not going to be complete for this one. The latter is about Lucerne, reflecting on his past relationships. It's a little melancholy given where he is at the moment, but I'm looking forward to focusing on it at some point, rather than adding to it in drib drabs. It should get me nicely in the mood for working on AGW3.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

LIMITED TIME Come Undone available for FREE

Come Undone is currently on special offer at Amazon UK and GooglePlay, so now's a great time to check out sexy vocalist Xane Geist as he tries to hang on to his heart and some clothing.

Also, I've just heard that the next two books featuring Black Halo, one about Xane, and one about Ash Gore will be available early next year.

Buy Links: GooglePlay  |

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

New Italian Release

I'm please to see a second of my Mischief titles has been translated into Italian as part of the Romanzi Hot Secrets line.

Her Husband's Lover is now available as La dimora degli incontri proibiti

Nel regno della passione non esistono gentiluomini
Lord Robert Darleston è così bello, di una bellezza animale, che piegherebbe con il suo irresistibile fascino la resistenza di qualunque donna. E non solo… Imprigionato in un matrimonio di convenienza con una donna acida e meschina, in realtà Robert è l’ex amante di Lyle Langley, e ora, rifugiatosi nella campagna inglese per sfuggire alle angherie della moglie, può finalmente ricongiungersi con il suo amore. Solo un ostacolo si frappone alla loro felicità: Emma, la giovane sposa di Lyle, di cui Robert subisce il fascino e che non vorrebbe ferire per alcuna ragione al mondo. Quando però Lyle gli rivela che la donna aborre il contatto fisico, tanto da non essere mai riusciti a consumare il matrimonio, Robert ha un’idea: far conoscere a Emma il piacere e instaurare una bollente relazione a tre. Ma per riuscirci dovrà vincere l’opposizione di una moglie gelosa, un padre offeso, e soprattutto i fantasmi del suo passato…

Currently available at  | 

Looking for a Halloween Read?

Then you might like to dip into Phantasmagoria.

The cellar was dark, and if not dank then certainly musty. Bella couldn’t believe it normally smelled so ensanguined; the metallic taste seeped into her mouth, causing a thickness in her throat.

A cowled figure beckoned them into the unknown from the bottom of the steps. Niamh clung to her arm, already trembling. Beyond the wine cellar, the rooms were lit with a sickly green glow, giving the illusion that they were at the bottom of some murky pool. Cobwebs and tattered linens shrouded barrels and caskets, and a notched scythe stood propped by the door.

Tremulously, they followed their silent guide into a vaulted chamber, where four more robed figures formed an arch around a gaping black hole in the brickwork. The guests huddled together behind them, ladies clinging to their escorts’ arms, and the gentlemen all standing to rigid attention, the only indication of their fear their consciously slow breathing as they waited, ears straining, in fearful anticipation.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Sneak Peek: What Ginny did...

With the boys from Black Halo, while Dani and Xane were off together.

‘Bagsey, driving.’ Rock Giant shot upright onto his feet, causing the vase to roll and splash water everywhere.

‘If you must,’ Ash replied, hardly paying him attention.

‘Yes.’ Rock Giant punched the air. ‘I get to drive the va-an… I get to drive the va-an.’ He clasped an invisible steering wheel and proceeded to zoom around the room. ‘OK, everyone, get your shit together. We’re doing this. Fall in. Fall in.’

Not quite sure if she was included in this escape plan, Ginny watched the guys collect assorted jackets and trinkets from around the room.

‘If we end up in A&E I’m holding you personally responsible,’ Spook muttered to Ash, as he fell into line behind Rock Giant. ‘Last time he drove the bus, we ended up doing a 360 degree roll down an embankment, and I swore I was never getting into another moving vehicle if he was controlling it.’

‘Well, if you’d prefer to drive?’

Abject horror filled Spook’s handsome face. He shook his head. ‘No way. You lot drive on the wrong side of the road.’

‘The left is the right side of the road,’ Rock Giant griped.

‘Yeah, how’d you figure that out? It doesn’t even make sense.’

Rock Giant proceeded to careen around the furniture, over egging his performance with brake screeching sound effects. ‘I’ll go get the van keys off Ulf.’

‘Dear God,’ Spook sighed with his head down.

‘It’s OK baby, I’ll protect you.’ Ash draped an arm around his shoulder and squeezed.

Spook shook him off. ‘Lay off the soppy stuff. I’m not here to provide you with post-coital cuddles. You’re supposed to do that with the girl.’ He headed towards the exit with his long white-blond hair falling around his shoulders and his purple guitar slung across his back. ‘I am so glad I insured my fingers. At least I can live off the proceeds after he mangles us.’

‘Is Rock Giant’s driving really that bad?’ Ginny asked, forcing Ash to remember her presence.

‘It’s atrocious. Let’s pray there aren’t any corners between here and the hotel.’ He extended his hand towards her. ‘Are you prepared to chance it?’

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Free Woe

I'm celebrating the gorgeous new cover for Woe in Kabukicho, by making it FREE until Thursday. This short story is a prelude to the novel Enticement, featuring the gorgeous Kit, or Sky as he's known when he's working ;) Check it out at Amazon.

She never sought a connection... but a chance encounter with a beautiful stranger in Tokyo's pleasure ward grants her one heartfelt desire.

A visit to a host bar in Kabukicho while on a business trip to Japan results in a chance encounter with Sky, an incredibly sexy man whose job it is to entertain lonely women. When Sky offers to take things way beyond the pouring of cocktails, she finds it impossible to refuse his illicit offer and they embark upon a night of erotic adventure together. However, what she gains is so much more than a fleeting sexual high--but the realization of her heart's desire. 

Download for free at  |

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Come Undone Giveaway

There's a copy of Come Undone up for grabs as well as a review over at Three Chicks & Their Books. Ends in two days time.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I hate them. I seem to know when I hit on the right sentence/paragraph to start things off. It's a gut thing, which unfortunately means, I also know when I'm floundering around not writing the proper opening. I currently have about five versions of the opening scene for Come Together on my hard drive, and none of them right. It's annoying, because for once, I actually have a pretty solid outline of the plot to work to. Normally, I resort to making it up as I go along. Fingers crossed I'll strike the right note soon, since as I write in a very linear fashion, I'm struggling to make any progress at the moment.

On the plus side, while I'm stewing over what to do with Dani and Xane, I'm busy writing about Black Halo's lead guitarist, Ash Gore, and Dani's friend, Ginny. The pair first met on the night that Black Halo split, and enjoyed a bit of wild fun together. I'm thinking at the moment, that I'm going to tell their story as a series of novellas, rather than as a single novel, because the episodic nature of their meetings seems to lend itself to that format better.

Current projects for the coming year:

Come Together (Rock Hard #2)
Ash & Ginny #1 (currently untitled)
and AGW3, the last part of Vaughan, Bella and Lucerne's story.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

New Release: Come Undone

Finally! Come Undone, book 1 in the Rock Hard series about goth rockers, Black Halo is out today. I feel as if I've been waiting forever for this moment. I'm really tied to Xane and the boys, and hope my readers are going to love them as much as I love writing about them.

I'm currently working on Come Together, book 2 in the series, which is also about Xane and Dani's relationship. In addition to that, I'm working on what I think will be a series of three novellas about Ash Gore, the band's lead guitarist.

On stage he’s dynamite. Off stage he rocks her world.

When red-hot, Goth-metal band, Black Halo, split live on stage, fate throws Daniella Fosbrook into the path of sexy vocalist Xane Geist. Initially, Xane’s only looking for a ride home, but Dani tempts him in a way a thousand other women haven’t. Determined to explore their heady chemistry and avoid hashing things out with the band, Xane whisks Dani off to Monaco for a steamy weekend.

There, Dani tries her best to hang onto her heart and some clothing, while Xane soon loses both. However, Xane isn’t being entirely honest about the reason for the band’s demise. When the truth comes out, can Dani accept the facts, or will everything come undone?
 Come Undone is available from the following vendors:

 Sneak peek at Xane and Dani's first meeting.

Another few paces on, and she stopped to perform a double take. Hang on … Wasn’t that Ash Gore, the Black Halo lead guitarist, lounging against the stacks? Why wasn’t he on stage with the rest of the band?

Unless he had an identical twin brother?

Nah — it would have cropped up in interviews. Stuff like that gave the fan girls wet dreams. Nor did it account for the thick rim of kohl around his eyes or his crazy metal-head hair. Or indeed, why Rock Giant hunched beside him on top of a busted amp.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


As if the household wasn't crazy enough already, we've added a puppy into the mix. This is Pepper, my new writing companion, she's a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Bichon Frise cross, and a mere 10 weeks old. I'm not sure she's going to help me produce many words, but maybe that'll change once she's settled in properly. Right now, she's doing a sterling job as a foot-warmer. Apparently, she thinks resting her fluffy head on my foot while she sleeps is an ideal arrangement.

Friday, August 09, 2013

Mr Ash Gore

Last, because he was so busy entertaining the fans that we couldn't pin him down, is Ash Gore. Welcome Ash.

Ash Gore

Position: Anything involving the girl’s head being lower than her hips. Oh, you mean in what instrument I play. Well in that case, lead guitar.
DoB:  11th January
Vitals: Black hair, blue eyes, 5ft 11”
Hobbies: Licking. (Interviewer: You mean your guitar? Ash: Anything really.)

Born Ashley Ryan, the younger of two brothers, Ash Gore learned to play guitar after listening to his dad’s Hendrix collection. Ash maintains that he had no formal guitar training; rather he plays the music as he sees it in his head. Ash typically uses a range of hammer-ons and pull offs to speed up his riffs and soloing, particularly good examples of this can be heard in The Garden of Lost Time and Lilith Licked.  The latter is Ash's favourite Black Halo track to date.
Completely dedicated to the band, Ash maintains that he has no time for hobbies as his quest to entertain the fans takes up all of his time and energy. 

Pre-orders:  |

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Her Husband's Lover Print Giveaway.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Her Husband's Lover by Madelynne Ellis

Her Husband's Lover

by Madelynne Ellis

Giveaway ends October 06, 2013.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
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Who Put a Girl in Here?

Elspeth Shriik 

Position: Keyboardist & Backing vocals
DoB: 12th April
Vitals: Hair: Blonde, Eyes: Blue, Height: 5ft
Hobbies: Clothes designing.

‘The only woman in a land of giants,’ is how Elspeth Shriik (born Elspeth Laura Shaw) once described the experience of performing on stage with Black Halo. Standing at only 5ft, diminutive Elspeth is the keyboardist for Black Halo, and also provides haunting backing vocals, which perfectly mirror Xane’s harsher sounds.

Elspeth is an only child, but grew up in an extended family of aunts, uncles and cousins. Her family were heavily into the folk scene, which is how she met and became friends with bassist, Paul Reed.

Elspeth is often rumored to be romantically linked to vocalist Xane Geist, though neither party is willing to confirm or deny that they are intimately involved. Elspeth is also frequently seen out with Paul Reed, though the pair maintain they are best friends and nothing more.

Pre-orders:  |

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Drummer boy...

Steve Matlock

Position: Drummer
DoB:  17th October
Vitals: Hair:Black, Eyes: Blue, Height: 5ft 11”
Hobbies: Swimming.

Co-founder of Black Halo along with Xane Geist, Steven Aaron Matlock is the older sibling of Jilly Matlock, and a native of Cornwall.

Steve met Xane at high school aged 11 and the two quickly became friends. They’ve been hanging out together ever since. They formed their first band together Halo aged 14, and have remained together through numerous incarnations and line-up changes.

Steve is an enthusiastic swimmer and would love to see a tour bus that incorporates a pool. His favourite place to swim is in the ocean. He hates the gym, preferring to get his work out on stage.

Inside sources tell us that Steve is romantically attached, but refuse to reveal the identity of the luck lady.

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Monday, August 05, 2013

On bass...

Paul "Rock Giant" Reed

Position: Bass Guitarist
DoB: 31st May
Vitals: Hair: Black/Red/Purple (depends really), Eyes: Hazel, Height: 6ft 6”
Hobbies: Martial Arts with a preference for Kung Fu and Chinese Broadswords.

Born Paul Matthew Marcus Reed, to parents Deborah and Marcus Reed of legendary folk rock band, the Toll Puddle Martyrs, Paul initially rebelled against a role in the spotlight, dedicating his efforts into martial arts training, and only learning to play guitar in order to please his mum.

It was while touring folk festivals across Europe, that Rock Giant met Elspeth, who would subsequently introduce him to the founding members of Black Halo.

At 6ft 6”, Rock Giant is one of the tallest if not the tallest bass guitarist currently playing. According to internal sources, despite his scary appearance, Rock Giant is really a big softy. We wouldn’t know, we daren’t get close enough to find out.

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Sunday, August 04, 2013

Say Hello to Mr Yummy!

We're taking a break from introducing the band members today in order to flaunt the lovely cover for Come Undone featuring Mr Yummy. (Okay, so officially Xane has longer hair, but I'm imagining it's tied back :)) I'm all super excited about the release now. I'm also weirdly excited about the fact that it specifically states that this is book 1, like it's a proper series and everything :) I mean, I know it is, but that sort of makes it official.

I still don't have the official blurb, so here's the decidedly unofficial one:

When red-hot, Goth-metal band, Black Halo, split live on stage, fate throws Daniella Fosbrook into the path of sexy vocalist Xane Geist. Initially, Xane’s only looking for a ride home, but Dani tempts him in a way a thousand other women haven’t. Determined to explore their heady chemistry and avoid hashing things out with the band, Xane whisks Dani off to Monaco for a steamy weekend.

There, Dani tries her best to hang onto her heart and some clothing, while Xane soon loses both. However, Xane isn’t being entirely honest about the reason for the band’s demise. When the truth comes out, can Dani accept the facts, or will everything come undone?
Pre-orders:  |

Friday, August 02, 2013

Black Halo cont.

Jan “Spook” Mortensen
Job: Rhythm Guitarist, Lyricist.
DoB:  29th February
Vitals: White blond hair, blue eyes, 6ft 1”
Hobbies: Photography & Scrapbooking

Jan “Spook” Mortensen is the rhythm guitarist for Black Halo. Born in Växjö, Sweden, Jan met fellow band members Xane, Steve and Ash at university in the UK. He is the fourth of five children. Spook’s solo techniques include sweep picking, sliding and legato work. He occasionally employs extreme whammy bar use. He is not particularly known for shredding, as his rhythms tend to be more melodic in nature, although examples include Midnight Wych and Hole.
The other members of the band tell us that Spook’s main passions outside of his music are for baseball boots. He owns several hundred pairs, and for cataloguing the band’s antics in his ever growing collection of scrapbooks.

He's currently single.

Pre-orders:  |

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Introducing the Band

It's August, which means the date for my new release is on the horizon (29th August). Come Undone is the first in a new series of books to be published by Mischief, HarperCollins, following the relationship between Xane Geist, the lead singer with gothic metal group, Black Halo, and the woman brave enough to run away with him, Daniella Fosbrook.

I'm also planning a series of short novellas about the other members of band, the first of which will initially be exclusively available via my newsletter. I'll also be posting a sneak preview of the first chapter for Come Undone via the newsletter, so consider signing up if you haven't already.

So, let's start introducing the band. There are six members, Xane Geist (vocals), Ash Gore (lead guitar), Spook Mortensen (rhythm guitar), Paul Reed, (bass), Elspeth Shriik (keyboards), and Steve Matlock (drums).

Xane Geist
Position: Lead Vocalist, Composer and Lyricist.
DoB:   19th  July
Vitals:  Black hair, Yellow Cat's Eyes (rumored to be grey/blue), 6ft 2”
Hobbies: None that are printable.

Born Alexander T Liddell, the youngest of three siblings, Xane formed the original version of the band aged 14, along with drummer, Steve Matlock, Steve’s kid sister Jilly, and his cousin, Ric Liddell. (Note: Ric would later provide the artwork for albums, Belladonna, Darkly Hysterical and Beyond the Lich Gate, as well as an unreleased erotic artbook of the band.)

Xane is best known for his incredible vocal gymnastics, which incorporates both a metal growl and melodic singing. He's often described as being Beauty and the Beast in one package. Interestingly, his only formal voice training was as a choir boy while at boarding school.

Xane has a degree in Visual Arts, or something like that. He refuses to state from which University. He is currently single and has no known offspring.

Pre-orders:  |

Friday, July 19, 2013

Anything But Vanilla in Print

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Anything But Vanilla by Madelynne Ellis

Anything But Vanilla

by Madelynne Ellis

Giveaway ends September 03, 2013.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
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Monday, July 15, 2013

UK GLBTQ Meet 2013

It's Monday, I'm shattered (that's normal), but I'm also enjoying the post conference high I've arrived home on after spending the weekend in Manchester at the UK. I turned up on Friday afternoon nervous, and not knowing anyone, but soon met some lovely people, and enjoyed spending meal times, the evenings, and the times between panels chatting about writing and the industry in general. Shout-outs in particular to Marie Sexton, Josephine Myles, Charlie Cochrane, RJ Scott, Rowan Speedwell, Bruin Fisher, and Serena Yates. You were all lovely, and I hope to see you again at future meets. Bruin, thanks for being my breakfast date on Saturday morning. I hope your pitch went well later in the day.

Highlights include hanging out at the Richmond Tea Rooms late on Saturday evening, when things had cooled off a little, listening to the various panels and being able to take a shower without the family banging on the door wanting something.  Oh, and getting to hand out chocolate to people. Strangely enough, they seemed to like that too :) I also need to mention Marie Sexton's shoes, which were truly gorgeous, and I'm not really a shoe person.

 The one low-point, and at least I can laugh about it now, even though it was horrible at the time was getting stuck in the hotel lift along with 7 other people for 45 minutes on Friday night, in that muggy, stifling heat. We were eventually rescued by the fire service. And no, I can't remember if they were cute. I'm sure the experience will creep into some future project though.

Speaking of projects, I'm currently between them. Come Undone, which has been taking up ALL of my time for the last six months is finally done. Revisions completed and with the copy editor, done. You can probably hear the huge sigh of relief attached to those words. Now it's over, I love it as much as all my other books, but it's been a tough journey to get here. Everything is now gearing up to making the release happen. It's due out 22nd August. I'll do a cover reveal as soon as the image is finalized. The version I've seen is still missing the strap-line/subtitle. It's very yummy though, and I do love it.

So, what comes next?

A short break. Then I've Tupping the Temptress to write, Vaughan, Lucerne and Bella to appease and more Black Halo to tackle. Black Halo are the gothic metal band that appear in Come Undone. I'll be posting more about them over the next few weeks, introducing the various characters in the run up to the book's release.

Meanwhile, here's the unofficial blurb, to give you a taste of what's to come.

When red-hot, Goth-metal band, Black Halo, split live on stage, fate throws Daniella Fosbrook into the path of sexy vocalist Xane Geist. Initially, Xane’s only looking for a ride home, but Dani tempts him in a way a thousand other women haven’t. Determined to explore their heady chemistry and avoid hashing things out with the band, Xane whisks Dani off to Monaco for a steamy weekend.

There, Dani tries her best to hang onto her heart and some clothing, while Xane soon loses both. However, Xane isn’t being entirely honest about the reason for the band’s demise. When the truth comes out, can Dani accept the facts, or will everything come undone?

Monday, June 10, 2013

Guest Post: Secrets & Lords with Justine Elyot

I'm delighted to welcome a fantastic writer and fellow Mischief author, Justine Elyot to my blog today. Justine is the author of so many books I've lost count, but her most recent release, Secrets & Lords is her first foray into the historical genre. I'm already part way through reading it, and I'm thoroughly enjoying its Downton Abbey-esque setting.

Take it away, Justine...

I'm really honoured and thrilled to be here as Madelynne's guest on the occasion of publishing my first historical book, as she writes some of the best historical erotica there is. I'm pinching myself!

Secrets And Lords is set in 1920 – so not quite the Jazz Age yet, but it's in the post. The war ended two years earlier but it casts a long shadow over my characters, some of whom want to gloss over it with wild excess whilst others are too haunted to let that happen. Lord Deverell wants country house life to carry on as if nothing had ever interfered with it, but it's pretty clear that isn't going to be possible – especially given his choice of second wife.

Here's the blurb:

The summer of 1920 brings illicit liaisons to stately home Deverell Hall. Lords, ladies, butler and maids all succumb to the spirit of the roaring 1920s as sex and scandal take over.

From the author of bestselling Mischief titles ‘Kinky’ and ‘Game’, Justine Elyot’s ‘Secrets and Lords’ is a historical erotic novel that will seduce anyone who loves period drama Downton Abbey and delight fans of The Great Gatsby.

Lord Deverell's new wife has the house in thrall to her theatrical glamour. His womanising son, Sir Charles, has his eye on anything female that moves while his beautiful daughter, Mary, is feeling more than a little restless. And why does his younger son, Sir Thomas, spend so much time in the company of the second footman?

Into this simmering tension comes new parlour maid, Edie, with a secret of her own – a secret that could blow the Deverell family dynamic to smithereens.

And a short excerpt to give you a flavour:

He scarcely needed to do anything to make her want him, she thought. The merest touch made her flood with desire for more. She was like a magnet, helplessly driven to connect with him. Opposites attract.

She almost forgot about the French letter until he knelt up and retrieved one from the bedside table. How could she be so stupid? Did love make one lose one's mind? It certainly seemed that way.

When he drove into her she cried out with pleasure. The feeling of having him inside her was enough to override entirely any residual pain. She spread herself wide for him and pushed her bottom up to meet his plunging length. They were one being, fused together at their roots, belonging that way.

They rocked back and forth, slowly at first, Charles taking care to stoke the fire he had laid with even strokes. Edie clung to his neck, covering his face with kisses and allowing him to cover hers in return. The languid pace allowed her to feel the stretching of her inner walls and enjoy the continuing work of his fingers on her bud. Step by step, she climbed towards her peak, but she wanted it to last forever, to lie there underneath Charles, made breathless by his weight on her, warm and wanted and loved, until everything went dark.

She tried to hold out but his fingers wouldn't allow it and she soon felt the quiver of approaching climax. Now there was nothing she could do to stop it so she let it take her. Charles thrust deeper and harder – he must know – and she clasped her legs tight around him, ready for the moment.

It spilled out of her, in her voice, in the spasms of her muscles, in the trembling of her limbs, in so many ways. He kissed her through it and kept up his rapid pistoning until he was able to join her.

It was almost as good as her own throes of ecstasy to watch him in his. How astonished he looked, as if he had not expected to feel this, and how touchingly alarmed. She laid his head on her breast afterwards and unplastered the hairs from his damp skin.

She felt too much for him. Without knowing quite how, she had waded into dangerous waters. But there was nothing she could do about it except try to keep afloat.

If that sounds like something you'd like to see more of, it's available now from   |  | GooglePlay | Barnes&Noble

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Free Menage

This one...

Get it from for a limited time only, and curl with the lovely Lord Darleston for company.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bloghop Winner


Watch out for an email heading your way soon with details of how to claim your prize.
Thanks to everyone else for joining in and leaving comments.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Wet & Wild BlogHop

I can hardly believe it's BlogHop time again already! Where has the year gone?

Since the theme this time is Wet & Wild, I planned to include a excerpt from one of my recent books that would fit the bill. Only to my surprise I discovered I hadn't included any watery scenes in any of my recent releases. (There's plenty of wild :)) So, below you'll find an ultra, ultra sneak preview of my current work in progress, which is scheduled for release later this summer.

First up, here's a reminder of the prizes on offer.

Comment on any of the participating blogs for a chance to win one of these grand prize giveaways. Additionally, if you leave a comment below (remember to include an email address) you'll be in with a chance to win a copy of my new release HER HUSBAND'S LOVER.

 All Right, now for that shower scene. Rock star, Xane Geist is having a bit of rotten night, but things are looking up a bit now he's met Daniella.

Come Undone Excerpt. All Rights Reserved.
Stripped naked, Xane stepped under the shower head. For several minutes he let the water run over his tired limbs. Make-up washed away, the kohl leaving black tracks across his body. Only once his mask had flowed down the drain did he let his hand stray towards his remarkably stubborn erection.

Damn thing wanted some action, same as it always did when his emotions took a nose dive. Considering the years he’d spent conditioning it to do just that, he could hardly complain.

Yup, he definitely ought to have made a night of it with Ash. Pointless pleasure; his body knew all about that. Well, the only pointless pleasure available here and now would be courtesy of his own fist.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Limited Offer Freebies

Confessions of a Greedy Girl is currently free to download at Amazon, GooglePlay and a few other vendors. The offer isn't likely to last long so snatch it up quickly.

Buy Links:  |  | GooglePlay
Meanwhile, I've busy, busy, busy with the current work in progress, the deadline for which is at the end of the month!

And, there may be some print versions of a couple of, to date, digital only titles. More news as I get it.


Come Play With Me, which includes my story On Wednesday's We Play is also currently free to download.  |  | GooglePlay

Friday, April 19, 2013

Release Day: Confessions

OK, actually Confessions of a Greedy Girl released yesterday, but I was stuck in the hospital with no internet access, so as far as I'm concerned it's today.

Right, now I've cleared that up, let's get to the book which is a 40K novella about vivacious twenty-something, Lyssa Payne, who just happens to like men so much, she doesn't see why she should have to stick to loving only one.

This book moves a way from my normal style a little, as it's told in first person from Lyssa's point of view. Also, since we're on the theme of naughty confessions, I thought I ought I'd share a few of my own, and to make it a little more fun, how about I ask you to spot which two of them are outright lies  :) Winner will receive a ebook from my backlist.

So, here goes. If anyone else has anything they need to get off their chests, then feel free to do so in the comments too.

1. I once turned down a threesome. (Actually, I may have turned down two :))
2. I have finished writing AGW3. I'm just sitting on the manuscript.
3. I was naked when the editor phoned to tell me my first book had been accepted.
4. The local social security/welfare agency once told me I could sleep with any of the 5 men I was sharing a house with, as long as I didn't cook any meals with them.
5. My current work in progress features characters called Spook and Rock Giant.

Plus, don't forget to check out CONFESSIONS OF A GREEDY GIRL.

Published by Mischief HarperCollins
Publication Date: 18th April 2013.
Contemporary Erotica

One Man is not Enough.

Fun-loving, twenty-something, Lyssa Payne enjoys being the center of male attention. Rather than commit to a single lover, she has an arrangement that allows her to play with a whole host of men. However, the dynamics of Lyssa’s relationships abruptly change when she meets enigmatic artist, Victor Alexander.

Victor enforces a strictly no touch policy between them, compelling Lyssa to be ever more inventive in her bid to bed him. The stakes further rise when she discovers Victor has a gorgeous male lover. Why should it be hands off for her, but hands on for actor, Leif? Worse still, as her fascination with Victor deepens, Lyssa’s other playmates desert her. What exactly is a greedy girl supposed to do to win the hearts of the men she desires?  |  |  GooglePlay  | Barnes&Noble 

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Now in Italian

In addition to the release of Confessions of a Greedy Girl next Thursday, next week will also mark the release of the Italian translation of Anything But Vanilla. Wheeee!

Here's the rather lovely cover.

You can pre-order it from Amazon.

Monday, April 08, 2013

Die Entdeckerin Giveaway

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Die Entdeckerin by Madelynne Ellis

Die Entdeckerin

by Madelynne Ellis

Giveaway ends June 30, 2013.
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