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Wet & Wild BlogHop

I can hardly believe it's BlogHop time again already! Where has the year gone?

Since the theme this time is Wet & Wild, I planned to include a excerpt from one of my recent books that would fit the bill. Only to my surprise I discovered I hadn't included any watery scenes in any of my recent releases. (There's plenty of wild :)) So, below you'll find an ultra, ultra sneak preview of my current work in progress, which is scheduled for release later this summer.

First up, here's a reminder of the prizes on offer.

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 All Right, now for that shower scene. Rock star, Xane Geist is having a bit of rotten night, but things are looking up a bit now he's met Daniella.

Come Undone Excerpt. All Rights Reserved.
Stripped naked, Xane stepped under the shower head. For several minutes he let the water run over his tired limbs. Make-up washed away, the kohl leaving black tracks across his body. Only once his mask had flowed down the drain did he let his hand stray towards his remarkably stubborn erection.

Damn thing wanted some action, same as it always did when his emotions took a nose dive. Considering the years he’d spent conditioning it to do just that, he could hardly complain.

Yup, he definitely ought to have made a night of it with Ash. Pointless pleasure; his body knew all about that. Well, the only pointless pleasure available here and now would be courtesy of his own fist.

Xane closed his eyes tight, and then rewound the last ten minutes. He was back upstairs, stretched out above Dani on the sofa.

That kiss has seared him with its heat, but the lady had been in shock, so he’d refrained from getting gropey. Only, now she was staring at him with her plump lips parted, and a shake afflicting her breathing. Desire filled up her eyes. Yet, she wasn’t the sort to make the first move.

‘Do it,’ he silently commanded. ‘Reach out and take what you want.’

Perhaps she heard him. Perhaps some other influence guided her hand, for she reached out to him, first touching his face, then his neck.

Xane braced one hand against the glass wall to maintain his balance, and then let his other hand wander. Each tentative caress he imagined Dani making. She remained timid, but he liked her caution. She seemed eager to explore his body and to discover its secrets, rather than immediately zeroing in on his cock as though it were his only erogenous zone.

Her fingers lightly stroked the side of his throat. ‘Yes,’ he murmured in approval. His neck had always been sensitive. He could get off from being touched there alone. OK, from slightly more than a touch. He liked to be bitten, but even feather-light kisses were enough to make him tremble.

Her attention didn’t linger there. It swept downwards, encompassing his collarbone and shoulders, then the smooth expanse of his chest. She circled his nipples. Even wet them with her little pink tongue.

His nipples weren’t as sensitive as his neck, but no matter. Simply having her touching him was good.

Xane’s breath truly hitched when her exploration strayed just shy of his loins.

Oh, God, yes! He almost shouted.

Instead, he folded his palm around his erection. A few swipes of his thumb, and he was one hundred per cent ready for action. That is, it sucked so much blood out of his brain, he actually felt woozy. Still, he had no worries about his ability to perform. He was ready to give her everything she wanted, and a few things she hadn’t realised she wanted yet.

Xane wanted to feel the puffs of her breaths against his cheeks and hear the sharpness of her cries as she gave herself up to him. With her soft curves clinging to him, he could forget about the band and everything that had befallen him. He could sink into the moment; exist for a time in a realm where only pleasure existed. However, Dani wasn’t done with her exploration yet. Instead of inviting him between her thighs, she kissed a slow pathway down his body, following the route her hands had already traversed. Her long hair tickled as it brushed his lower abs.


She paused, painfully close to his cock. If he persuaded her to turn her head a fraction, he could pump right into her mouth. Xane held back, stifling his urge to direct her. He suffered her teasing instead, imagining countless whisper soft kisses to his inner thighs and around the base of his cock.

He wondered if she’d ever gone down on a guy before. His instincts said probably not.

God, to be her first… To feel her heat and her kiss, and know he was the only person she’d trusted like this. Most of the mouths he’d fucked were as dirty as they’re owners. Sometimes he figured that was all he deserved. Even his regular lovers were downright filthy beasts, but then if he was being honest, so was he.

Xane pointed the shower spray at his stomach, while he stroked faster.

‘Xane, I can’t.’ In his mind she was on her knees; her eyes shiny and bright when she looked up at him.  ‘I do want to, but I can’t.’

‘One kiss,’ he coaxed. ‘I dare you. Just one dry press of your lips. You don’t even have to suck me. Just touch me. Draw your tongue along the slit.’

If she even did that much, he’d probably explode

Desire and fear warred within her expression.  ‘Like this?’ she asked. Her lips met the side of his shaft, then the underside. The tip of her tongue traced a vein upward to the tip. She didn’t suck him. She toyed with him, until he was near ready to grab hold of her hair and force the issue. If she’d only open her mouth instead of delivering all those infuriating kisses.

Xane reached for her, only for Dani to rise to her feet. Still, her merciless tease continued. Now with her hand she clasped his length and rode up and down the length until his need became so maddening, he lifted up onto his toes.

‘Are you going to come over my belly?’ she asked.

If she continued to stroke her thumb over his slit like that, he very well might.

‘Wouldn’t you like to feel how wet I am?’


She guided his hand, the one he’d been using to brace himself upright against the cubicle, between her legs, where he found her slick heat, and made her swoon in turn.

‘I’m all ready for you, if you’d like to come inside.’

If he’d like to! ‘Babe, I’m desperate to.’

‘Then don’t wait.’

He wouldn’t. He wasn’t.

Their lips locked as his cock found its goal.

Wet. Slick. Glorious heat surrounded him. She was slender and so tight it almost hurt too well to move. Not that he could stop himself, the motion as instinctive as breathing. His need was too strong. It overwhelmed him, drove him, so that he shouted out her name, over and over, and she called out too, pouring words of need and encouragement into his ears; begging him to go deeper, to give it to her harder.

Even though he felt it coming, Xane’s orgasm still caught him like a whip lash. He roared as his cock jerked splattering the steamed up glass. The sound came from deep in his belly and he couldn’t seem to stop making it, not until he was good and properly done.

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