Friday, August 02, 2013

Black Halo cont.

Jan “Spook” Mortensen
Job: Rhythm Guitarist, Lyricist.
DoB:  29th February
Vitals: White blond hair, blue eyes, 6ft 1”
Hobbies: Photography & Scrapbooking

Jan “Spook” Mortensen is the rhythm guitarist for Black Halo. Born in Växjö, Sweden, Jan met fellow band members Xane, Steve and Ash at university in the UK. He is the fourth of five children. Spook’s solo techniques include sweep picking, sliding and legato work. He occasionally employs extreme whammy bar use. He is not particularly known for shredding, as his rhythms tend to be more melodic in nature, although examples include Midnight Wych and Hole.
The other members of the band tell us that Spook’s main passions outside of his music are for baseball boots. He owns several hundred pairs, and for cataloguing the band’s antics in his ever growing collection of scrapbooks.

He's currently single.

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