Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Drummer boy...

Steve Matlock

Position: Drummer
DoB:  17th October
Vitals: Hair:Black, Eyes: Blue, Height: 5ft 11”
Hobbies: Swimming.

Co-founder of Black Halo along with Xane Geist, Steven Aaron Matlock is the older sibling of Jilly Matlock, and a native of Cornwall.

Steve met Xane at high school aged 11 and the two quickly became friends. They’ve been hanging out together ever since. They formed their first band together Halo aged 14, and have remained together through numerous incarnations and line-up changes.

Steve is an enthusiastic swimmer and would love to see a tour bus that incorporates a pool. His favourite place to swim is in the ocean. He hates the gym, preferring to get his work out on stage.

Inside sources tell us that Steve is romantically attached, but refuse to reveal the identity of the luck lady.

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