Thursday, August 01, 2013

Introducing the Band

It's August, which means the date for my new release is on the horizon (29th August). Come Undone is the first in a new series of books to be published by Mischief, HarperCollins, following the relationship between Xane Geist, the lead singer with gothic metal group, Black Halo, and the woman brave enough to run away with him, Daniella Fosbrook.

I'm also planning a series of short novellas about the other members of band, the first of which will initially be exclusively available via my newsletter. I'll also be posting a sneak preview of the first chapter for Come Undone via the newsletter, so consider signing up if you haven't already.

So, let's start introducing the band. There are six members, Xane Geist (vocals), Ash Gore (lead guitar), Spook Mortensen (rhythm guitar), Paul Reed, (bass), Elspeth Shriik (keyboards), and Steve Matlock (drums).

Xane Geist
Position: Lead Vocalist, Composer and Lyricist.
DoB:   19th  July
Vitals:  Black hair, Yellow Cat's Eyes (rumored to be grey/blue), 6ft 2”
Hobbies: None that are printable.

Born Alexander T Liddell, the youngest of three siblings, Xane formed the original version of the band aged 14, along with drummer, Steve Matlock, Steve’s kid sister Jilly, and his cousin, Ric Liddell. (Note: Ric would later provide the artwork for albums, Belladonna, Darkly Hysterical and Beyond the Lich Gate, as well as an unreleased erotic artbook of the band.)

Xane is best known for his incredible vocal gymnastics, which incorporates both a metal growl and melodic singing. He's often described as being Beauty and the Beast in one package. Interestingly, his only formal voice training was as a choir boy while at boarding school.

Xane has a degree in Visual Arts, or something like that. He refuses to state from which University. He is currently single and has no known offspring.

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