Friday, August 09, 2013

Mr Ash Gore

Last, because he was so busy entertaining the fans that we couldn't pin him down, is Ash Gore. Welcome Ash.

Ash Gore

Position: Anything involving the girl’s head being lower than her hips. Oh, you mean in what instrument I play. Well in that case, lead guitar.
DoB:  11th January
Vitals: Black hair, blue eyes, 5ft 11”
Hobbies: Licking. (Interviewer: You mean your guitar? Ash: Anything really.)

Born Ashley Ryan, the younger of two brothers, Ash Gore learned to play guitar after listening to his dad’s Hendrix collection. Ash maintains that he had no formal guitar training; rather he plays the music as he sees it in his head. Ash typically uses a range of hammer-ons and pull offs to speed up his riffs and soloing, particularly good examples of this can be heard in The Garden of Lost Time and Lilith Licked.  The latter is Ash's favourite Black Halo track to date.
Completely dedicated to the band, Ash maintains that he has no time for hobbies as his quest to entertain the fans takes up all of his time and energy. 

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