Monday, August 05, 2013

On bass...

Paul "Rock Giant" Reed

Position: Bass Guitarist
DoB: 31st May
Vitals: Hair: Black/Red/Purple (depends really), Eyes: Hazel, Height: 6ft 6”
Hobbies: Martial Arts with a preference for Kung Fu and Chinese Broadswords.

Born Paul Matthew Marcus Reed, to parents Deborah and Marcus Reed of legendary folk rock band, the Toll Puddle Martyrs, Paul initially rebelled against a role in the spotlight, dedicating his efforts into martial arts training, and only learning to play guitar in order to please his mum.

It was while touring folk festivals across Europe, that Rock Giant met Elspeth, who would subsequently introduce him to the founding members of Black Halo.

At 6ft 6”, Rock Giant is one of the tallest if not the tallest bass guitarist currently playing. According to internal sources, despite his scary appearance, Rock Giant is really a big softy. We wouldn’t know, we daren’t get close enough to find out.

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