Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Who Put a Girl in Here?

Elspeth Shriik 

Position: Keyboardist & Backing vocals
DoB: 12th April
Vitals: Hair: Blonde, Eyes: Blue, Height: 5ft
Hobbies: Clothes designing.

‘The only woman in a land of giants,’ is how Elspeth Shriik (born Elspeth Laura Shaw) once described the experience of performing on stage with Black Halo. Standing at only 5ft, diminutive Elspeth is the keyboardist for Black Halo, and also provides haunting backing vocals, which perfectly mirror Xane’s harsher sounds.

Elspeth is an only child, but grew up in an extended family of aunts, uncles and cousins. Her family were heavily into the folk scene, which is how she met and became friends with bassist, Paul Reed.

Elspeth is often rumored to be romantically linked to vocalist Xane Geist, though neither party is willing to confirm or deny that they are intimately involved. Elspeth is also frequently seen out with Paul Reed, though the pair maintain they are best friends and nothing more.

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