Monday, October 21, 2013

Sneak Peek: What Ginny did...

With the boys from Black Halo, while Dani and Xane were off together.

‘Bagsey, driving.’ Rock Giant shot upright onto his feet, causing the vase to roll and splash water everywhere.

‘If you must,’ Ash replied, hardly paying him attention.

‘Yes.’ Rock Giant punched the air. ‘I get to drive the va-an… I get to drive the va-an.’ He clasped an invisible steering wheel and proceeded to zoom around the room. ‘OK, everyone, get your shit together. We’re doing this. Fall in. Fall in.’

Not quite sure if she was included in this escape plan, Ginny watched the guys collect assorted jackets and trinkets from around the room.

‘If we end up in A&E I’m holding you personally responsible,’ Spook muttered to Ash, as he fell into line behind Rock Giant. ‘Last time he drove the bus, we ended up doing a 360 degree roll down an embankment, and I swore I was never getting into another moving vehicle if he was controlling it.’

‘Well, if you’d prefer to drive?’

Abject horror filled Spook’s handsome face. He shook his head. ‘No way. You lot drive on the wrong side of the road.’

‘The left is the right side of the road,’ Rock Giant griped.

‘Yeah, how’d you figure that out? It doesn’t even make sense.’

Rock Giant proceeded to careen around the furniture, over egging his performance with brake screeching sound effects. ‘I’ll go get the van keys off Ulf.’

‘Dear God,’ Spook sighed with his head down.

‘It’s OK baby, I’ll protect you.’ Ash draped an arm around his shoulder and squeezed.

Spook shook him off. ‘Lay off the soppy stuff. I’m not here to provide you with post-coital cuddles. You’re supposed to do that with the girl.’ He headed towards the exit with his long white-blond hair falling around his shoulders and his purple guitar slung across his back. ‘I am so glad I insured my fingers. At least I can live off the proceeds after he mangles us.’

‘Is Rock Giant’s driving really that bad?’ Ginny asked, forcing Ash to remember her presence.

‘It’s atrocious. Let’s pray there aren’t any corners between here and the hotel.’ He extended his hand towards her. ‘Are you prepared to chance it?’

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