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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cover Reveal: All Night Long

All Night Long (Black Halo #1) is the second novel about fictional rock band Black Halo, but the first in the Black Halo series. If that seems complicated, I assure you, it really isn't. Maybe it makes more sense this way.

One rock band. Two interlocking series of books, each concentrating on two different couples.

Rock Hard (Xane & Dani)
Come Undone #1 (currently available)
Come Together # 2 (expected release July 2014)
Come Alive #3 (TBA 2015)

Black Halo (Ash & Ginny)
All Night Long #1 (expected release 24th April 2014)
All Fired Up #2 (expected release Winter 2014)
All Right Now #3 (TBA 2015)

and for the sake of completeness Anything But Vanilla is also related to the series by virtue of having it's main characters make a guest appearance in Come Undone.

Phew! Now that we have that straight, here's the blurb for All Night Long.

Three hot guitarists. 
Two people looking for love, but too afraid to admit it. 
One exhilarating night…

One night of rampant passion with a rock star, that’s all it’s supposed to be. Ginny Walters isn’t looking for love, only some sexy fun with an amazingly hot guy; that is, until she hooks up with Black Halo’s lead guitarist, Ash Gore, on the night his band splits up.

Ginny discovers a side to the womanizing, bad boy that she never imagined. Beneath his hard rock image, is a man so hung up on the possibility of being hurt by love that he’s unwilling to risk becoming emotionally involved. How can she convince him that the bond between them is worth exploring, given that she’s not sure dating a rock star is terribly bright idea?

Ash can’t seem to get Ginny out of his head either. She’s totally unlike the women who fan his ego but leave him unsatisfied. Ginny sees through the media hype to the scarred man beneath. Given that Ginny understands him like no one else, is this a one night stand he won’t be able to leave behind?

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Valentine's Day Gift Hop Winner

Is Celina K.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine's Day Gift Hop

Argh! How can it possibly be February already. I'm sure it was the run up to Christmas only two minutes ago. Now apparently I should be thinking about hearts and flowers and how best to be spending Valentine's Day. Needless to say, I'm not terribly well prepared. I see hurriedly bought wine and chocolates on the horizon. In my defense, this is because I'm buried up to my arm bits in deadlines. I turned the second Black Halo book in at the end of January, and the third (which is the sequel to the first, and is seriously kicking my butt) is due at the end of March. Thankfully, while I'm somewhat lax on the romantic front, I'm glad to report that this isn't the case for my heroes, both Ash (All Night Long) and Xane (Come Undone & Come Together) are rather more in tune with the idea. Well maybe...

‘There are some things for you, on the right,’ Xane called through from the lounge. ‘Since I dragged you here in a rush, I thought you might appreciate some –’ He broke off. ‘Well, see what you think.’

What he devil had he bought her? Stockings? Itsy-bitsy lingerie? When had he even had time to shop? God help her if he actually expected her to model them. She wasn’t prancing around in her underwear for anyone. He ought to have brought Ginny along if he wanted stuff like that.

Dani froze uncertainly near the foot of the bed. Her case sat in the corner, beside a portable stand full of designer dresses. She about-turned, convinced she’d missed Xane’s gift, but there was no other obvious item.

Case temporarily forgotten, she closed in on the rack. He couldn’t seriously have bought her all these. They had to have cost the equivalent of her yearly rent, more maybe.

Staggered, yet unable to keep a grin off her face, Dani ran through the line of outfits. They were all the exact mix of stylish and subversive she expected one of his dates to wear; the sort of clothes that made Elspeth Shriik look like a goddamned goddess. Sudden cramp ripped through Dani’s stomach at the thought that Xane had intended them for Black Halo’s keyboardist. That’s how he’d conjured them at such short notice. The same was probably true of the room. You didn’t get a reservation in a place like this without booking months in advance. Xane had intended to bring Elspeth here after last night’s show. It was her he’d meant to spend the weekend bedding, not crazy Dani Fosbrook, who came out in hives at the thought of undressing for him but who really, really wanted to be with him.

Dani cast the bed an awkward glance, where her mind conjured an image of Xane poised above Elspeth, his lean back bared and the firm muscles of his rear flexing as the pair made their own miniature earthquake.

A twofold hatred of the other woman exploded in her chest: firstly, because she’d been with Xane and he’d obviously loved her; and secondly, because she’d hurt him so badly there was now an unholy rift in the band.

Dani hadn’t overheard much that morning, only that Steve Matlock and Elspeth had got married. Considering that rumours of a relationship between Xane and Elspeth had been rife for years, it didn’t take much to fathom the cause of Xane’s impromptu stage exodus. She wondered how long Elspeth and Xane had been broken up. Her spidey sense said: not that long, possibly under a month, and maybe less than a week. Hell, maybe even less than that, which she guessed made her rebound material. No matter, she’d take whatever she could get.

‘OK?’ Xane remarked. Dani lifted her head to find him poised in the archway that separated one part of the suite from the other. He remained naked, thus drawing her attention from the clothes to the smooth, solid lines of his torso and the ink that encompassed the top of one arm and the whole of his shoulder. He seemed so unreal standing there, as though he were a figment of her imagination, except that he looked twice as good in the flesh as he had in her fantasies. He smiled. ‘They’ll fit. I made sure.’ He nodded at the rail of clothes.

Then perhaps the clothing had been bought for her. After all, she and Elspeth weren’t even vaguely the same shape. The other woman had no hips or butt and only a microscopic pair of tits. Dani had a whole lot more bounty in every regard.

‘How?’ she enquired. It wasn’t as if he’d ever had the opportunity to check out her wardrobe and see what size she wore.

Xane traced the outline of her body in the air with both hands. ‘I’ve a good memory for figures.’ That was one helluva memory.

Anyway, let me know below what you'll be doing for Valentine's Day this year, and I'll pick someone at random to win a copy of Come Undone.

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