Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mastered Preview: Joey W Hill

Today is the turn of bestselling writer Joey W Hill, and her paranormal entry in the box set. Joey's book is part of her Vampire Queen series.

Mastering her body was easy. Mastering her heart and soul will be an erotic science…

The Vampire Lord Brian suspects his servant, Debra, is unhappy with her current station. She yearns for his heart, but she knows it can never be. He seeks to amend that. Outside of his research, he takes her in hand and shows her what it means to be truly his, together.

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Excerpt from The Scientific Method

Debra. I’m hungry.

Two words that always meant something much more than blood to vampires.

She found him in Lady Lyssa’s gardens. There was an old stone bench under a lattice arch
weighted down by Confederate jasmine. It was his favored place to work when he didn’t have to be in the lab. He was studying his laptop now, which provided her an extra moment to look at him as she

The moonlight limned his hair, giving the lighter strands a golden-silver luster. The sculpted
planes of his face were etched by shadow. With the preternatural vampire stillness that would take him when he was deep in thought, he could have been another of the marble statues in the vast maze of gardens. Yet he showed he was aware of her presence, his head lifting at her approach.
Though he often came out of his work as if emerging from the bottom of a still ocean, she
felt when his focus sharpened on her. It was a transition that never failed to weaken her knees. The
awareness in his eyes, a mixture of blood hunger, sexual need and…

No, that was all there was. That was all she could let herself think about. For her part, it was so
much more, but that was her problem to handle. She was the human in the relationship. Servant to his

Setting aside his laptop, he brought her between his knees, banded his arms around her
and nuzzled her throat. No words. They didn’t need them, did they? She wound her arms around his
shoulders, taking advantage of those first few seconds to slide her fingers through his thick hair, her
pulse tripping as he slipped the buttons of her blouse and licked the valley between her breasts, tracing the curves. The man could use his tongue the way a master painter used a fine brush. The pressure, stroke, timing… Totally controlled and excruciatingly perfect.

If a vampire wanted to take his servant in plain view of everyone on the Council estate, no one
thought a thing about it. But right now, they were blissfully alone. Brian slid a hand up under her skirt to cup her buttock. When he found his way beneath her panties to stimulate her rim with long fingers, she moaned, rubbing her mound against his chest. The look he lifted to her was full of heat and pleasure, reflecting that dangerous edge that left no doubt—at least in this moment—he considered her totally his.

His other hand slid along the curve of her breast, up to her throat, stroking so she lifted her chin,
drawing in her breath at the whisper of his own there, the brush of his fangs. Those vibrant hazel eyes
watched her every reaction.

“Stay still,” he said, and she didn’t move a muscle, even though inside all of her nerve endings
were rippling. He pressed his mouth against her throat again and, as his fangs penetrated, he slowly slid his fingers into her.

Clasp your hands behind your back, he ordered, and she did it reluctantly, though the thrust of
her breasts put the hardened tips against his upper chest, an excruciating friction.
My bad girl. Already so hot and wet. You’re going to come without my permission.

No, my lord.

You’re saying no to me?

He took a particular delight in befuddling her usually organized mind like that. She could tell it in
the gleam of his gaze, the erotic set of his irresistible mouth as he briefly lifted his head, gave her a look.

She gave a desperate half laugh. “No, my lord. I mean, yes. Oh…”

He scissored and thrust his fingers in a rhythm with his drinking that elicited tiny moans, that
made her lose her train of thought.

You’re going to come for me.

“Yes.” She breathed it, shut her eyes and pressed her jaw against his head as the climax rose up
inside her, an irresistible wave. She’d do anything for him.

He locked his arm around her, holding her fast so her sensual writhing stoked his own desire.
And as he took his nourishment from her throat again, he kept stroking and teasing her until she wanted nothing more than to grip his shoulders, hold on forever.

But she wasn’t allowed to touch him until he said she could.

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