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Mastered Preview: Madelynne Ellis

Hey, it's my turn today! It feels a bit weird typing my own name in the title bar for the post, but in the name of consistency... My story Remastered is related to my Rock Hard and Black Halo books. It's about the group's rhythm guitarist, Spook Mortensen. He's the quiet one, in case you need your memory jogging. The story takes place between the events in Come Undone and Come Together (out September 24th).

A bad experience with a former girlfriend caused Spook Mortensen to repress his sexual urges, but when sound engineer Allegra Hutton is called upon to remaster Black Halo’s first album, there’s only so much attitude and stubborn refusal to listen to the bands’ wishes he can take before he’s forced to break his self-imposed vow and take her in hand.

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Excerpt from Remastered

Spook Mortensen stopped playing guitar the moment she walked in.

He forgot the riff he’d been working on for most of the morning. Temporarily forgot how to even play guitar. In fact, why was he holding a guitar again? Especially one that wasn’t connected to an amp?

He gaped at the woman who was blinking at the gloomy light in the editing studio, hardly able to credit what he was seeing. He saw a lot of women, and none of them made him sit up like this. She was right out of his subconscious. Tall. With an old-fashioned pin-up girl figure, and flame-red hair that cascaded down her back forming ringlets at the ends.

Where was his camera?

Like, damn, where was his camera?

She was perfect fantasy material in every way, right down to her straight, no nonsense, pinstriped skirt. She looked very professional, unlike him and his two band mates in their scruffy T-shirts and jeans. The three of them had tumbled into the studio looking as if they’d come straight from an all-night party, with bloodshot eyes and more than a little stubble. He rubbed his jaw. Yeah, definitely in need of a shave. Still, at least he’d put in an appearance. Elspeth and Paul hadn’t shown up at all. Not that there was a whole lot for them to do. Ultimately, lead singer Xane would be the one who said yea or nay to the remastered track before it was re-released because he was their main composer.

“Hi. I’m Allegra Hutton. Alle, like Allie, but without the I.” The vision stepped forward with her hand outstretched for one of them to take. Xane nodded his head at her. Ash mumbled a vague affirmative, and yawned. He seemed to have mislaid his charm this morning. Normally, Ash only had to flash a girl a smile and she got all giggly and started playing with her hair—or him. Actually, mostly the latter. They usually found some reason to touch him.

Allegra—Alle had hair like spun copper, thick enough that you could bury your hands in it. That’s what he wanted to touch, along with each of the freckles on her nose and her cute bow-shaped lips.
Spook sat on his hands, wary of what might happen if he gave in to that desire. Already, a thousand pretty pictures were streaming through his mind’s eye, not one of them even remotely appropriate and all of them too tempting by far. He bet she’d look fantastic sprawled across the mixing board, her long legs splayed and her sensible skirt hitched up so he could see the creamy cheeks of her bottom, and maybe the odd curl of fiery red hair. How good would she look with a white-stripe across her arse from the lick of a leather belt?

Why the fuck hadn’t he brought his camera?

Because they were here to make music, or at least re-make it, that’s why. And who was he going to get her to pose with anyway? Both Xane and Ash had somehow gotten themselves attached, which was darned inconsiderate if you asked him, at least, at this moment.

He wasn’t going to touch her. He wasn’t even interested in a fling. Relationships were frankly too much effort. It was problematic enough keeping the members of the band talking to one another without the additional stress of maintaining a romantic attachment. Especially the sort of attachment he’d be looking for given his atypical tastes. He hadn’t come across such a woman for years.

Not that he’d been looking.

And well, the last time hadn’t exactly ended well. He still had the letters to prove it.

No—life was a lot simpler if he just internalized his particular kinks. Then, there was no chance of misunderstandings occurring regarding consensuality.

That didn’t stop his palms from itching though, or a fuzzy glow spreading through his body when she smiled at him.

It made him eternally thankful that he had a guitar across his lap.

Spook smiled back, to compensate for the fact that they were all being hopelessly rude by failing to accept her handshake. But he couldn’t touch her. Couldn’t…

Damn, this lady needed issuing with a hazard warning sign. She was like a little piece of ecstasy just waiting to happen. He attempted to wrestle his gaze off her and onto something more innocuous, like his feet, but it didn’t work. His gaze just kept on sliding right back to where it started—her perfectly formed heart-shaped face.

Damned, if she didn’t have a delightful heart-shaped bottom too.

“Mr Mortensen.” His dream lady addressed him directly. She gazed at him with her pretty blue eyes aglow with excitement. “It’s an absolute thrill to meet you. I’m awed, you’re awesome. It’s insane the way your fingers fly when you play. You’re my favourite guitarist ever.”

“Uh, thanks.” His tongue got stuck in his mouth. He wasn’t used to being singled out. Maybe the guys were giving off weird I’m attached pheromones or something. “You know I’m only rhythm. Ash is lead.”

“You’re better.” Her smile lighted up the room and lighted up his insides too.

Damn! He officially crowned her as queen of his bikini list—as in break out the radiation shields because she’s totally going to screw with your equilibrium. Touching her without having a Hazmat suit on would result in lasting damage. Just her radiance was causing him severe motor issues. He’d forgotten how the hell to speak. Instead he made a few halfwit type noises.

“Don’t be shy, the lady’s right.” Ash slid his sunglasses down his nose, so he could peep over the top of them. His grin was broad as he looked at Spook and then back at Alle. “You’ll not get him to admit it, but he can play better with two strings than I can with six. That’s right, isn’t it, Spooky man?” Ash slapped a hand against Spook’s thigh to make his point.

A little flash of lightning brightened Alle’s gaze at the sound of the smack.

Spook watched her tongue peep out and sweep across her lower lip, removing some of her scarlet lipstick. The trace of pink it revealed made him want to reach out and wipe away the rest. He liked his women au naturel, so he could see every blush, every hint of arousal.

Ash was now staring at him as if he couldn’t quite figure what was going on, and Alle remained in apparent awe.

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