Friday, July 18, 2014

Mastered Preview: Marie Harte

Today's preview is from USA Today bestseller, Marie Harte.

When lust turns to love, who’s really on top?
A marine is used to taking and giving orders, even out of service. Mac takes it upon himself to show Maggie, the young woman who works under him, the true meaning of “Sir”. It’s a lifestyle that can suit them both, if she falls into rank and obeys without question…

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Excerpt from Working Out by USA Today bestseller Marie Harte

The knock came again.

“Hold on,” she called out and tossed off her blanket. She trudged to the floor in wool socks
and peered through the peep hole. She froze. After a moment, she opened the door. “Yes?”
Mac Jameson stood in the communal hallway of the aging Victorian looking edible in jeans
and a black leather jacket. In the hall lighting, his bright blue eyes glinted with some indefinable

“Here. These are for you.” He held out a bouquet of pink roses.

“Ah, what?”

The intensity on his face faded, and a smile took the place of his frown. “That is one ugly


He stepped forward and would have trampled her if she hadn’t moved back. Before she
knew it, he’d entered her apartment and closed and locked the door behind him.

“Nice trick.”

“It’s called being persuasive.” He put the flowers in her hand and closed her fingers over the
smooth stems.

“You brought me flowers?” Mystified, she didn’t know what to think. Was this another part
of his nonsexual dating technique?

“You want them or not?”

“Yes, yes.” She hugged them to her when he moved to take them back. Flowers. When was
the last time a man had brought her roses? “Such an ungrateful gift giver. Thank you. I love

She turned and left to rummage in the kitchen for a vase. After she’d arranged and watered
them, she put them in the center of her dining table. “So pretty.” She glanced up to see Mac right
in front of her. “Mac?”

“Yeah. So pretty,” he rumbled and tugged her to him using her belt.

Her robe parted just as he planted a warm, hungry kiss on her mouth. Maggie could only
kiss him back, caught up in an inferno of unfulfilled desire. Everything inside her hungered for
the magic of a man who didn’t hesitate to take what he wanted.

He broke the kiss and ran his mouth down her neck. “What are you wearing under this?”


He tensed and pulled back. “Are you fucking kidding me?”

“I just took a shower.” She frowned, wondering what it took to break the man’s resolve.

“I am so screwed,” she thought she heard him mutter under his breath. In a louder voice, he
said, “I came over to say hi. You’ve been avoiding me this week, and I wanted to make sure we
were still good.”

“I was only keeping my distance from a crabby boss with control issues.”

“Yeah, about those issues… Thing is, I want to fuck you.”

“O-kay.” The man’s thoughts shifted like the wind. “And this makes you crabby

“Because what I want from you is a little different from what you’re probably used to. I
want us to get to know each other better so you’ll feel okay about sleeping with me, my way.”

She caught her breath. “Spell it out. What exactly do you want me to do with you?”

“Everything I want, exactly the way I want it.” He tilted her chin up so that he could look
straight into her eyes. “I want to play games with you. Ones where we need a safeword. Where
you call me Sir and you obey me.” He kissed her again, and she felt her robe begin to open. Then
his hands were inside, stroking her heated flesh. “I want to own your body in bed. Would you be
willing to let me do that?”

“All this for some roses?” she replied while trying to make sense of her dreams suddenly
meshing with reality.

He chuckled. “Nah. The roses were to show you I was thinking of you.” He cupped her
breasts, and his eyes darkened. “But this is way more than I’d planned on asking for.” He fully
parted her robe and stared down at her. Slowly, he bent his head and took a flushed, pert nipple
in his mouth.

He sucked hard, and her knees buckled. She moaned and hung on to him for dear life.
Mac turned his attention to her other breast and teased and nipped until she teetered on an
orgasm. She’d never been so sensitive before, but moisture coated the insides of her thighs.

“Yeah. This is what I want. You helpless in my arms.” He kissed her, his tongue penetrating
while his hands moved down to cage her waist. “Maggie… fuck. I wanted to wait, but no more.
I want you, but I’ll go easy with my demands.” He gripped her tight and kissed her again. “What
do you think?”

She stared up at him when he pulled away. Her robe hung open, but he looked only at her

“I think… I think we should go back to my bedroom.” She tugged him with her, sure only
that the time had come to finally have Mac Jameson. Tomorrow could take care of itself. Tonight
belonged to her.
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