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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Mastered 2 Box Set Author Spotlight Series, Day 6: Tangled & Bound by Emily Ryan Davis & Jennifer Leeland

Hello readers! You may have been following the Mastered 2 box set author spotlight series over at Opal Carew & Avery Aster's blogs for some sinful excerpts and cheeky sneak-peeks of the set (Do yourself a favor, check them out if you haven't!), and we'll be showing off the final spotlight; a menage-a-tois-turned-troublesome in"Tangled & Bound" by Emily Ryan Davis & Jennifer Leeland! But really, can you ever have too much of a good thing?

A threesome turns complicated in "Tangled & Bound" by @ emilyryandavis & @ JenniferLeeland in the # Mastered2 box set!

When a threesome gets complicated, conflict can drive lovers apart. Ty, Noah

and Tasha must find a way to connect before one of them walks out the door.

One night of passion with two men seemed like a dream, but Tasha knows that the reality of a something permanent will be much more complicated. She isn't sure this whole threesome thing is going to work but it is too tempting to resist.
Ty and Noah have kept their kinky side under wraps, adjusting to a new person in their relationship. But Noah knows they have to let Ty's Dominance out to play if they'll ever find a way to be together.
Sex and kink are great, but the tangle of emotion gets in the way and doubt begins to erode their triangle. When Ty's fears drive him to run, it will take both Noah's firm hand and Tasha's sweet surrender to close the circle.
The all-new Mastered 2 Box Set is available now for the special price of $0.99!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

New Release: Mastered 2: Ten Tales of Sensual Surrender

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On the heels of the wildly popular New York Times and USA Today bestseller, MASTERED, we bring you MASTERED 2, ten more tales of sensual surrender, plus a bonus short story!


These scorching erotic romance books (plus a bonus short story) are all brand-spanking new and never-before-released, until now! And they are from your favourite New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors, including Avery Aster, Opal Carew, Portia Da Costa, Madelynne Ellis, Karen Fenech, T.J. Michaels, Emily Ryan-Davis, and Jennifer Leeland. Also featuring Evangeline Anderson,Cynthia Sax, and Saskia Walker. Plus a bonus short story by Ruby Foxx.

Jacqueline crashes a billionaire’s exclusive poker game in order to seduce him into granting a favor to save her sister, but instead finds herself Played By the Master.

TANGLED & BOUND by Jennifer Leeland with Emily Ryan-Davis
When a threesome gets complicated, conflict can drive lovers apart. Ty, Noah and Tasha must find a way to connect before one of them walks out the door.

HER SECRET by Portia Da Costa
Jamie Lennox is the first man that Susannah ever loved, but now he’s different, dangerous and more devastatingly attractive than ever before. Their reunion is passionate and perverse, a thrilling exchange of power and pleasure. Can this lover from Susannah’s past become the master of her future?

Can Arianna make her one night with her billionaire master last a lifetime?

THE BUYER by Saskia Walker
A wild weekend with a dominant master proves Naomi's true nature, but will it also prove that business and pleasure don't mix?

RESISTOR by Madelynne Ellis
Rhythm guitarist, Spook Mortensen doesn't want a second chance with sound engineer, Allegra Hutton-- not over a table, in a limo or in bed.

HIS TOUCH by Karen Fenech
After her life is shattered by her Dom, can Corinne trust another man with her submission and her heart?

MASTERING THE MISTRESS by Evangeline Anderson
A muscular slave turns the tables on his unsuspecting mistress and teaches her an erotic lesson in submission.

LUSCIOUS by T.J. Michaels
MacKenzie Ivers is a strong personality who submits to one man--her husband, Landon. After ten years of marriage, a nasty divorce, followed by a sweet reconciliation, Mac wants nothing more than for her husband to stop punishing himself for his part in the former "crazy". It’s going to require some conniving and some rope...miles and miles of rope. Luckily, Twilight Teahouse has everything she needs to get this particular rigger back in the saddle.

Some secrets are worth pursuing, especially when discovering them means you might be punished!

XO, BLAKE by Avery Aster
For fans of the dark comedy BDSM film Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down comes an erotic exploration in domination and submission where Ivy League students let their kinkiest desires run wild, and Blake shows you just how good it feels to be on top.

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Thursday, January 08, 2015

Shadow Queen Release Day

NEW RELEASE DAY! Check out Shadow Queen: Blood Moon Part 3. I love the covers for this series. Which is your fave? Shadow Queen went through at least three versions.

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Love knows no boundaries… Not even death.

The Blood Moon has risen, and having claimed the soul of his consort, Blaze Makaresh is finally able to secure the demon throne. However, distraught after the tragic loss of his lover, Blaze—with the aid of his elite guard—first seeks to reclaim Asha from death’s cruel grip. Only once she’s restored to him will he finally enact revenge and lead his army into battle.

Changed in a way that none of them predicted, Asha uses her new found skills to confront her former master, but with the sounds and symbols of dead languages scarring the city, it’s anyone’s guess who will emerge victorious.